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Disinfection Services

A disinfected space is critical to maintaining a healthy, productive environment. We offer electrostatic disinfection services to help ensure complete surface coverage, providing that extra barrier against infected surfaces.

About our Disinfecting Services

Now more than ever, infectious disease control and prevention is top of mind for many facilities. While regular traditional cleaning methods are helpful, electrostatic disinfection helps ensure complete surface area coverage, and coupled with 99.999% effective disinfectant, provides that all-important last barrier of defense against infected surfaces.

Brokate Janitorial has been effectively utilizing and providing affordable next generation electrostatic technology and related services for years. Let our highly trained employees help you in the battle against a growing list of bacteria and viruses.

Our Disinfection Services include:

  • Electrostatic Disinfecting - Both preventative and confirmed COVID-19 case treatments
  • Wide-Area Fogging - Use of foggers and atomizers for large open spaces
  • Manual Wiping with EPA Registered Disinfectant - Focusing on high-touch and high-risk areas
  • Cleaning for Health Programs - Combine our disinfecting services with our regular janitorial services
What is Electrostatic Technology and How does it Work?

Electrostatic charged droplets create a field in the spray that is magnetically drawn to any surface within 6 feet. With an attraction coefficient 15 times greater than gravity, the electrostatic force field is so powerful the mist reverses direction to coat hidden and hard to reach areas (keyboards, phones, switches, inner handles, etc.) that are typically difficult to wipe or spray using conventional methods.

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Our commitment is to design and implement an office cleaning program that suits your individual business needs. We clean more than 3 million square feet every night, in buildings ranging from 1,000 to 300,000+ square feet. Regardless of the size or makeup of your facility, we can handle it.

“We highly recommend the team at Brokate Janitorial! They have been professional and addressed all of our cleaning needs from day one. They are also open to feedback when we needed to change the cleaning protocol for our veterinary hospital.”

Spring Valley Veterinary Hospital

“The team at Brokate does a great job. Not only are they excellent at cleaning, but their staff is attentive and professional. You couldn't ask for a better company to keep your space clean. If you have commercial space, especially if it's space that potential clients come to, I highly recommend you give Brokate Janitorial a call. They won't let you down.”

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“We are so pleased with the services of Brokate Janitorial. Amazing staff that provides outstanding service. Great community partner and a wonderful local business. We highly recommend them.”

Discovery Center of Springfield

“Brokate Janitorial performs regular inspections of our clinics and these reports get emailed to me to review at my convenience. It gives me confidence in their performance knowing they really are supervising and inspecting the cleaning and working to improve all the time.”

CoxHealth Branson

“During the tenure of our partnership, they have continually exceeded the expectation. They have exceptional follow-thru and work with precision. Their performance has been topnotch and we highly recommend Brokate Janitorial to the local community.”

US Department of Justice, DEA